Raising Quality Registered Texas Longhorns

Welcome to Lucas Ranch

Located in Bakersfield, California. We believe that concentrating on "Quality over Quantity" is something that is important to our breeding program. Big horn, lots of color, great conformation, and an awesome disposition are the top priorities in our longhorns.

Lucas Ranch is proud to be the first entire herd entered into the TLBAA's DNA database along with Parent Verification. We have worked hard to build an outstanding group of longhorns and this is what we believe is our next chapter. "Honesty and Integrity", these are more than just words, they're a way of life. Know what your buying because...
DNA Doesn't Lie, and Liars Don't DNA!

Thank's for visiting our site, and if you're ever in Bakersfield feel free to call and come visit. We are blessed for the great longhorn friends we have made over the years. Hope to see you soon.

Mike & Dr. Catt Lucas

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